Why it’s better to date a lesbian

Lesbian datingEach one of us has his daily routine. Of course that the favorite part of the week for all is the weekend. A normal day in the my life would sound something like this: I wake up, I take a quick shower, I fix myself for work, get a coffee to go and I run to the office. But when it comes to the weekends, things definitely change. I wake up, I stay in bed for almost an hour in a completely laziness, then I shower, I put some coffee and I read the press. Reading the press it’s my favorite part of the morning. I don’t read newspapers, I read their online alternative. Among the articles that I read it was one about lesbian dating that caught my attention. It was called something like “why it’s better to date a lesbian?” or something like that. I know that this kind of article are silly ones and I shouldn’t even bother to read them by I really wanted to see what the amazing mind of people could be babbling about. I wonder … really, why would it even cross your mind to ask yourself this kind of question. It is better for who to date a lesbian? Lesbian dating is for two girls that are into each other. So as for me this is a strange question to ask someone. We all know what lgbt dating is all about. We all know that the LGBT community includes gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, intersex people and the ones that are questioning their sexuality. So for them is better or for who? When I read the article it was an entire story about how if you are dating a lesbian is more than sure that your date will be an successful one because being with someone of same sex is like being with someone that knows you very well, knows everything you like and shares all your needs.

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But I can’t agree with all that. I think is nonsense to believe that only because you and your partner have the same sexual orientation your date is guaranteed to go well. Each one of us is different, we all have different character, likes and dislikes, different habits and lots of things that aren’t the same. A date is about two people that liked each other when they first saw one another. You can’t take it for granted that the date will be awesome only by gender. This is the idea of the date. You go out with someone that you liked and try to get to know that one. You find out what she likes, starting with flowers to expectations in life. And eventually, if you see if you are on the same page you can go for second, third date and so on. Sometimes you get lucky, and sometimes you can be disappointed, but this should not stop you from continuing to try to find your perfect match. We all have ours, just waiting to appear at the right time. You just have to be patient and give it some time.

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