The Best Tinder Alternatives Australia (Is Australia the best place for hook-ups?)

I’m an Australian woman who has read an eBook called A Seductress’ Confession: How to leverage beauty and savor tantalizing pleasure (written by Jade Seashell) in which the author says Australia is the best country for casual hook-ups. Personally, I agree with Jade Seashell 100% because I’m living a sexy lifestyle which is very similar to the stories in her book. I have used the best Tinder Alternatives Australia to hook up with high-value men in this liberating country.

°1 BrilicBrilic dating app

I live in Perth, the most forgotten city in the world (according to Jade Seashell). I’ve visited luxurious mansions which host orgies in this mysterious city and I was invited to these s*x parties by people on Brilic dating app. If anyone likes swinging activities at a naked party, they must download Brilic now. Remember to buy a sensuous black lace mask before going to an upscale swinging party because that makes you look more seductive and alluring.


This app is based in Germany, but now it’s popular worldwide. In Australia, a large number of singles use LOVOO to hook up with each other. But many of them are open to the idea of finding long-term relationships. I only believe in long-term relationships that started as casual hook-ups because two strangers can’t start a long-term relationship immediately. I respect those who want to have serious commitments, but I think the ability to play the field is more powerful – it means I’m not needy and I feel confident & secure.Sugar Daddy Meet dating app


RSVP is Australia’s leading dating app for people looking for love online. I have to say that 99% of its members are legitimate because I haven’t seen one fake profile on this app yet. Because of its large local database, I have met some very high-quality men on this app. Some of them are doctors, lawyers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians and investors. They are good-looking, intelligent and well-mannered. The only problem is most people on this app are looking for marriage rather than hook-up. So, if you only want to hook up with random strangers, you probably want to check out other best Tinder alternatives in Australia instead.

°4 eHarmony

Most people on eHarmony are sincere, polite and interesting. I’ve hooked up with three good men on eHarmony dating app. I know eHarmony is always on TV these days because its commercials are everywhere, so a growing number of senior singles have joined eHarmony recently (younger people rarely watch TV and only want to watch videos on YouTube in today’s day and age). Therefore, if you are an older woman looking for love, you may consider joining eHarmony rather than Tinder.

°5 Seeking

You wouldn’t believe it – Actually, I’ve received the largest number of messages on Seeking dating app than on any other dating apps, because Seeking is actually the most popular dating app in Australia (they just don’t tell you!) Men on Seeking are rich, successful and established. I use this app to hook up with wealthy men all the time. These rich men became my mentors and sponsors, so I don’t even have student debt at all. That’s the fast-track to success in my humble opinion! While all of my friends are buried alive by student debt, I’m debt-free 100%. Better still, I have enough savings to say that I’m a rich dating app

°6 Bumble

Bumble dating app has the largest number of attractive men in Australia. Every Friday night, I log in Bumble at 4pm and chat with a guy within ten minutes because only women can contact men first on Bumble dating app! Then I meet this guy in a coffee shop or a restaurant. If the date is cool, I go home with this guy and hook up immediately. Yes, Australians are just very open-minded and that’s how we meet boyfriends and girlfriends. All right. This is the most common way to start a relationship in Australia – you just have a one-night-stand and the next day when you wake up, you have a partner.

°7 Ashley Madison

This is an extremely popular adultery dating app in Australia. It’s nearly hard to believe how many Australians are on this affairs app. That means Australians are probably the least faithful daters in English-speaking countries. Well, maybe that’s why Australian culture is the most open-minded and liberating culture in the world. I’ve had fabulous affairs with fabulous men on Ashley Madison and it’s a great Tinder alternative in Australia.leading dating app

°8 Yboo

I don’t think there is really a taboo topic in Australia because I feel that I can talk about anything in this country, including adult affairs. Yboo dating app is also known as Adult Friend Finder. It’s a bit different from Ashley Madison because a lot of people on Yboo aren’t necessarily married. “Affair” doesn’t always mean cheating on your spouse. I read a novel called The Reader in which a 36-year-old woman had an affair with a 15-year-old boy. Neither of them was married, but that’s still called an affair. I’m not saying we should date underage boys and girls. I mean “affair” is actually beyond cheating on your wife or husband.

°9 Luxy

I saw a popular Australian blogger posted an article about her experience on Luxy and I downloaded this luxury dating app immediately. I met my current partner on this app and we are in an open relationship which perfectly suits me. He is a rich man with his own investments, so he doesn’t need to go to work every day. I’m sick and tired of dating working-class men, so I’ve decided to date rich men only. I’m glad that I joined Luxy and met my rich guy so quickly. We are so in love….app are looking for marriage

°10 Sugar Daddy Meet

It is said that Australian has the highest percentage of sugar daddies and sugar babies amongst all English-speaking countries, because Australians are the most open-minded and the least judgmental people in the West. I used Sugar Daddy Meet dating app to meet wealthy men who could give me luxury gifts and the dating experience was okay. I wouldn’t say it was the best Tinder alternative in Australia because Seeking dating app is apparently much better than Sugar Daddy Meet in many ways, but it’s still one of the best.

In conclusion, Australia is indeed the best place for people to find every type of relationship, including traditional relationships, casual hook-ups, open relationships, arrangements, multiple relationships, threesome relationships, swinging activities, orgies, and so on. I personally prefer open relationships because that’s just my style of dating. Last week, I listened to a podcast about open relationships and the expert claims that most open relationships are initiated by men, but in the end, women enjoy this type of relationships more than men do. That’s absolutely true. According to my personal experience, my partner told me that we should have an open relationship, and I said yes to it because I’m very adventurous. Now I apparently enjoy this open relationship more than my partner because I squirt at orgies in upscale mansions every single time – I just can’t control my liquid when the intercourse is too good to be true.

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