Russian beauty marrying a foreigner

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freeukrainewomenSometimes Russian girls marry foreigners only because they are running for their money, they do not understand that after getting married they will have to live with this person, as everything in the world has its own price, and in the moment they were agreeing to marry, they were signing a pact with their own soul and heart.

The bad thing is that even a millionaire can go broke, by losing a lot of assets on the securities market. Working abroad is not very easy as well. Here also everything depends on the country you were born in, and on the profession that you have chosen to have in the future, as well as on the level of your language. In some cases the Russian bride to start everything in the career from the very beginning, by having the simplest position, a kind  of position that in Russia she would never even take into consideration.

She might even have to get the confirmation of her diploma, and relearn or master a new profession. Of course, it all depends on you and on support of the other half in the relationship. The Holidays … for example, in the so-called one-storied America, holidays are usually celebrated with the family, with the husband’s family, of course, because they are closer.

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And usually the celebration goes without any special fireworks and feasts. Preferably according to the local traditions, where once again it is needed some help or at least support and understanding of your spouse. That’s why I started this article with the important matter, whether those girls who are getting married while having some material reasons for it, really understand what they are signing up for? Because after all, Russian brides are supposed to get married to a foreigner, ultimately, in order to live together and build a strong and everlasting family, which would be based in loving and supporting each other.


Well this is one single opinion, but on the moment while writing this article i can say that i am married to an American man, and i live in America for almost one year. I am happy because we are family, the type of family about which i was dreaming for my entire life. There of course are some difficulties in the adaptation to the life in new country, but every new single day i feel the love and care and support if my husband, and this is very important for me. My son (from previous relationship) after living in America for three months only on my question do you like America and if so what is the reason why is answering, sure i love it, as here I have a dad!

What can be better than this? For every woman on the top of priorities is her child, and only after this priority number one come such things as beloved man, family, a good jor or a good career, planning the spare time and so on.

And here is another opinion of a woman whom has married a foreigner, so once again what is the reason of getting married to a foreigner, Dina fifty three years old, four years living in Alabama has replied “I got married in order to be married, to stand behind my husband in the traditional sense of the word, to finally have the ability to relax and to feel a strong man’s shoulder and his responsibility upon me and us, and to finally feel myself just a woman after years of life, when i was all by myself dealing with everything. And after watching some of the Russian-American couple in the States, I came to the conclusion that American men are looking for a woman they will take care of, they too want to feel their selves men, make decisions, and take care of the family. And Russian men are more spoiled, I believe”. This is the truth about marriage with a foreigner and finally have the deserved life.


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