Modern marriage with a Russian bride.

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It is about time to get to a serious conversation regarding the marriage with a Russian bride. Not the biggest secret in the world’s  history, which is usually invoked by my contemporaries of the opposite sex, that the best and most talented defenders of women’s rights and her natural features have always been men only.

And it is a must to clarify: that there were the best of men, among those defenders, such as Platon, Pericles, Alexander the great, Marcus Aurelius, Immanuel Kant, Liev Tolstoy, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Alexander Kuprin and many other world-class geniuses. They clearly understood the fact that pregnant and breast-feeding mothers continuously were unable to effectively defend for themselves because of a simple lack of time and opportunity  to do this, and not at all because they are initially smaller than men, or have some intellectual ability, or not enough qualities to do that. It is a certain fact doesn’t have to be repeated, that the lack of time for relaxation, calm, personal development, self-education, in-depth growth, self-realization, searches of this yourself and fierce fighting during this time was a relevant thing for a great number of modern women.

In general for any thinking and creative Russian bride it is vital to free some time from the routine, because the design and thinking about something new in life requires time, commitment and a certain freedom of spirit and action. Our days consist of twenty four hours, and our body has only a very limited amount of Prana-life energy.

“If you’re born with wings-the best thing to do would be to learn how to fly!”-this phrase was always so loved to speak of, by the famous Coco Chanel. Most men will agree with me that only very primitive individuals wish to chat with shy women sometimes, completely anonymous, and absolutely who instantly have successive emotions which is incredibly superficial and tricks-are wholly inadequate.

Sometimes women do things without properly thinking about those. They do it only because they have much more emotions than men do, and that is not so great, as they simply lose a lot in their life, instead of taking the situation under their control, they do everything they can in order to kill the relationship and as a result they suffer a lot, but the bad thing is that they cannot do anything in order to improve it. And they lose the man they love or like, and regret about it for a very long time afterwards. All of those things are forming the female character which results in having a bad life full of regrets, which brings them again and again to same troubles.

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Men do not like the critics, and cannot properly stand it, that is why as soon as they see that their woman takes too much of the control upon them and mutual life itself, they try to get rid of such a woman as soon as possible in order to avoid problems in the future family life,  no one needs scandals and shouting. The fact that Russian brides have a lot of patience beside their beauty and intelligence make them so highly appreciated and highly respected by men.

Though lately the tendency of getting a Russian bride abroad has become smaller, it is all because a lot of Russian women understood that life abroad has its own benefits and started using those men in their own interests, which is eventually not a good thing, it didn’t helped a lot neither them, nor women whom were really interested not in material goods but finding a soul mate abroad and creating a real family life, what can be possibly better than that?

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