How to Make Your Online Lover a Reality

on-line dating freeFor many people on-line dating has become a solution to the problem of finding a soul mate in the age when almost everyone leads a hectic life style. You were lucky to find the one for you on-line, congratulations! And you wonder what to do now?

It is time to open up since you have met Mr. /Ms. Right for you. You need to be completely open and honest about who you are and what your expectations from future are. Never play games on-line, remember you are dealing with human feelings, minds and hearts.
Make sure you are interesting and it is not boring to communicate with you. Be creative, charming, and extraordinary; take in consideration that you interact with the help of a computer and the distance is between you two, so you need to be more creative and proactive than at personal meeting.
Ensure you talk frequently, avoid the feeling of loneliness and despair, be active, energetic and interesting in the conversations you lead.

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Be attentive, write poems, compose songs, tell stories, play games, share your dreams, plans and aspirations, etc. There is no need to spend all days long in front of the computer, but 10-20 minutes now and then during a day will really make a difference.
Collect all your patience and be very patient, really, it will take time to understand if two of you are really compatible and are on the same page
To feel comfortable and sure about your feelings and emotions arrange face-to-face meetings as frequent as you need.
When you both agree to be together, you need to remain open and honest to each other, after you start a new, non-distant relationship things still may not work out. Being open you will escape the situation of trying to be perfect for each other and thus, you won’t be trapped.
Get ready for ups and downs as we are human beings and everyone has his/her own imperfections and strong sides.
Arrange to meet family and friends of your partner showing your partner your feelings are true and you are not going to keep your relationship a secret.

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