How to initiate a hookup with a girl you never met before

Specialists say, always be brave when arranging a hookup meeting, and don’t mind that you never talked to this person before. It’s a part of our today culture and your counterpart knows that too.

The stranger factor is a first test you need to make. The secret is, a half of girls enjoy sex with a complete stranger while the others need some kind of emotional attachment before they get laid.

Discover which type is that new girl you talk to. Just ask a question what excites her more, the fantasy involving a stranger or imagining a well-known man next to her.

For asking such a frank question, you need to meet her in the best place for hookups such as casual sex app or a night bar. Then she is already prepared for such open-minded contacts.

If she is into the stranger thing, do not continue the talks much. Get her a drink and be a bit alpha male in luring her into a motel affair. If she likes emotional contact, establish it first.

Listen to her stories and tell yours, hold her hands, laugh at her jokes. Then she will be yours for the night.

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