How to Impress Russian Woman at the First Date

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Acquaintance for sure is the most important stage in relationship with Russian woman as the development of your future relationship completely depends on it. You can impress a Russian lady ‘by appearance’ and ‘by intelligence’. Famous Russian proverb says that you are met by your clothes and given farewells by your intelligence. What does it mean? It means you need to look great and be smart and intelligent; otherwise you are not worthy any attention in future.

Russian bride interest depends not on her liking or not liking you, but on you raising her interest in your personality or not. No matter how handsome you are if your dialogue was not interesting, you don’t have any chances for the development of the relationship. Make sure you are tidy, neat and your clothes are corresponding to the event. If your clothes look dirty and shabby, Russian woman will find an excuse to leave you soon not to feel ashamed.

Impression ‘by intellect’ takes more time to develop. Here you are not able to play any games as your real nature will be revealed sooner or later. It is strongly recommended to remain yourself, be attentive and carrying to your woman, behave gallantly and gentlemanlike. Listen to her stories and jokes, laugh at them, tell your jokes and watch if she is laughing at them.

You can always learn if a woman likes you or not by her gestures, mimicry, and body language. This will help you to guess what she wants. For instance, if she puts a hand on your shoulder and holds your hand in another, she needs something from you, if she is playing with her lock of hair, or licks her lips; she likes you and wants you etc.

However, don’t fill your head with all these signals and poses; try to feel your Russian woman. And most important, be attentive, smart and strong man by her side, it is the only secret of impressing Russian women.

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