How to Get Your ex Boyfriend Back

ex boyfriend backIt is true that one cannot turn back in time and change things that were done. However, you can try to begin everything from the blank start with your ex boyfriend and you can definitely get him back if you are smart and attentive. With the help of this article you will learn how to do this not wasting your time. If you had a fight and decided to quit, but after some time you realize you still love this person, you need to act to win your ex boyfriend back. An interesting fact for you to know is that around 80% of couples experience premature break ups. Below you will find the ways of getting your ex boyfriend back.

Variant #1

You cannot ignore the fact that sometimes a loving and candid phone call can improve the whole thing. So, gather all your courage and call him. If you are indecisive about a phone, call, you can try writing a letter to your ex boyfriend. These actions would remind your ex that he misses you and loves you and that you also need him. He will at least think of giving your relationship one more chance. When you will call him, make sure you don’t sound desperate, be the girl he fell in love with.

Variant #2

Never show your ex the breakup has broken you down. Go on with your life and he will see you are a strong and independent lady. These qualities make women seductive and your ex will be attracted to you again. Many men realize their loss only when they see that their ex woman is over it. So, the best idea is not showing your ex boyfriend you miss him and live your life. Be sure he will start missing you!

Variant #3

Another super effective variant is remaining his friend. Explain to your ex boyfriend, that even if your relationship didn’t work out, you would like to remain his friend. This method is based on his habit to you and being your friend, the habit won’t be changed. This also provides a great opportunity for you to work on you and for him to see you in new light. Soon your relationship can grow back to the loving relationship.

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Variant #4

Make jealousy your secret weapon. Let your ex see you with some other guy, it will be better if the guy will be better looking and have more advantages over your ex. Be sure this will make your ex boyfriend feel angry and insecure. After sometime he will think maybe he made a mistake breaking up with you. It is difficult to understand how this method works, but it works.

No matter what variant you will choose to get your ex boyfriend back, think why you want him back. If it is just the voice of your ego, then drop it, if it is love, then go and get him back!

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