How to behave when your Russian lady has children

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So, you’ve made a marriage offer to a beautiful Slavonic lady. My congratulations! But it exists a little point: your future bride has a child or even more. In this case you must be very kind not only to your smart lady, but also to her son too. Beforehand you need another heap of paper for your messages and furthermore you have to ask two times more questions: one question for your future bride and the following for her darling kid. Be very polite, ask your young woman about her children’s favorite matters and hobbies.

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I’m certain your young woman will be very happy by the situation that you are not indifferent to her kids from prior marriage. In general kids are very perfect and kind-hearted tiny people; they are lilies of our life. To my mind a kid couldn’t be a problem for your wed living with a cute Russian girl. It is normal thing when Russian girl and her mum are in contact.


In a few cases her mum dwells with her. Usually it is a retired lady who cleans the home (cleaning and cooking food, dish up the table) and child (kids) while mum is on work. Children usually name mother’s mum babushka. Babushka as well helps grandchild (kids) with their school lessons in a number of situations. Here we have described a family when there is no daddy. When there is a husband, spouses choose to reside apart parents like a distinct family.

Commonly family celebrations are stable still and the whole family celebrates birthdays or some other saint’s days all together. There is an important distinction between American and Ukrainian family. As you perhaps have knowledge of the fact that American children leave parent’s home and live their own life at age 18. In comparison with Russian families where kids at the same age and even older stay with their mothers and fathers. Therefore when you hear from a girl dwelling with mum or dad do not be surprised. But always keep in mind that there is no rule without an exclusion.

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