Getting married with a Russian girl.

Kiev girlsThey met each other in the middle of December in one of the Kiev nightclubs, where they both came by accident, she came because she broke up with her boyfriend and needed some attention from the opposite gender, and he came to refresh his mind a little bit, after the date which went wrong and turned to be an epic fail, with a girl with who he corresponded for more than a year before he could finally come and visit her in person. He had so many plans and desires linked with this girl, that it became a real disappointment for him the real story of their relation.

He saw her sad face and decided to treat her with some nice bottle of wine, she blushed, smiled thanked him but refused the treat as she said it is too expensive and she cannot take that. That sincere gesture of worrying for him and whether he can afford it or not, has really touched his heart, and from a simple curiosity that made him do the gesture with the bottle, he came to the point when he realized that he is interested to get to know more about this girl. They left the nightclub and went to a very nice and cozy cafe where they drink tea and talked till the early morning. He came home with a weird feeling that he knows this girl for the entire life. While Elena, that is her name, came home with a strong headache as she hasn’t talked that much in English for many years in a row, but little by little she became comfortable with that.freedating

Though maybe it all happened with me much earlier, when once almost six years ago i was invited by my friend to her home, the girl with who she was roommates have left to America and left all of her clothes in Kiev, as she could not take it with her due to the limit of luggage in the plain, where she could take only forty six kilos of luggage. Now I understand her perfectly as I had to donate all of my clothes as well due to the same reason. On that day my friend told me try them on, maybe it will fit you, i remember how I joked, I said yeah, yeah I will try it on and who knows maybe I will go to the States as well. Who would have known that it will really happen to me in the future? Six year later i am in the United States in the house of my groom, where I write this letter and from time to time I through a glance into the window in order to enjoy the palms behind the window, there are a lot of them here, and they are so huge! A few days ago I was walking in Kiev in my long fur coat, and know i am here where it is summer almost the whole year.

Americans have already put on their houses Christmas decorations, and the New Year toys are producing funny noise on the Christmas tree. And on the floor there is a funny Snowman who keeps singing “Let it snow, let it snow”. And there is a guest in our house, a good friend of my fiancée who helped translating our letters to each other, and who told me that i should not change my mind in any case, as my dear was waiting for me here same as Americans are waiting the entire year for the Christmas.

At that time I wasn’t looking for love abroad, actually i wasn’t looking for love at all. I was suffering because of my split with the painter in Kiev. I still sometimes close my eyes and think that when I will open them my great husband and wonderful life will disappear, that i will wake up in my Kiev apartment without any clues about the future.

Now I can say to all the women who are looking for love, do not waste your time on the man who doesn’t want to see your eyes once again, each time when we were separating our ways with my ex, he was going to work, and i was going somewhere else, he never looked back in order to see my eyes once again. Love might be not very just sometimes, because i really loved my ex, for not anything special but just like that, but it took me a long time to start loving my American fiancée who surrounded me with love and care, now i really love him, and cannot imagine even a minute of my life without him.


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