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Dating in OdessaUkrainian ladies as well as Russians are very beautiful and devoted creatures. They can turn the life of the man in a fairy tale. Ukrainian women are really special, they have their own characters (usually kind and sensitive), their traditions, they respect the history of the Ukraine and try to become wonderful wives and mums. If you wish to live a life with such woman you should know something more about her native country and the city she lives.

Ukraine is a historically focused country. It is standing on the basis of Orthodox values and preserves spiritual life and traditions. Historical and political transformations, surely  have impact on the character and mentality of the Russian people. In order to understand the “mysterious Ukrainian soul“, it is necessary to make some efforts.

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  • Traditions in Ukraine are interesting and original, diverse and widespread. They were formed many centuries ago and every Ukrainian woman respects them. Many foreigners wonder why Ukrainian people celebrate New Year’s Day brighter than Christmas. The answer is very simple. Here Christmas tree is called New Tear’s Tree, and all presents are also given on the 1st of January. New Year, not Christmas, is the main winter holiday in Ukraine.
  • Ukrainian people cook more than it is needed. They prefer to cook tasty and full meal, and usually in huge portions. As Ukrainians are very hospitable, they always wait for guests, that’s why they cook a lot of different meals. Moreover in Ukraine it is accustomed to visit your friends with small gifts. Even if it is not a birthday but a modest friendly gatherings. It can be almost everything: dishes, sweets alcohol or small souvenirs.
  • Dating Ukrainian woman believe in superstitions. Slavic women have a lot of superstitions and very often they even don’t notice this. They usually spit over the left shoulder when they see black cat, they do not whistle in the house, they are worrying about spilled salt and so on. It may seem funny, but this is an integral part of their lives.Ukrainian ladies
  • One more peculiarity of Slavic nation is that they really appreciate their friends. Friendship is an integral part of their lives. Sometimes they can treat a friend better than a relative. There are a lot of cases, when the real friendship stats at school or even kinder garden, and lasts forever.
  • It’s not a secret that Russian women are very beautiful and family-oriented. That’s why they are looking for a man who can give them a true love, and care. These ladies are serious about marriage and the family, and they are looking for a future husband that will lead to the creation of family relations. Everyone knows that women from the CIS countries are very kind. They are capable to create a cozy atmosphere at home and also become great wives and mothers. Moreover these women have not only bewitching beauty, but they are wonderful companions and listeners. These women do their best to build happy family life.
  • The Ukrainian society has a lot of older women. It seems that they are everywhere and always busy with something: sweep the streets, pulled excessively huge sacks, sell something. Why are there so many elderly women in Ukraine? During World War II, the Soviet Union lost 20 million people, mostly young men. Their wives, sisters and mother survived, and now make up a large part of the population.
  • It can be a surprise for you, but Ukrainian women are not interested in your money. They care and love you even if you are mot a millionaire. And if you desire to impress a woman with the wealth, you will get a negative reaction. Russians show that your inner world is much more important than the bank account.

We hope that this information will help you to understand beautiful Ukrainian women and you will win the heart of beloved lady.


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