Best sex in Miami and how to pickup any girl on the resort

Miami is one of the world famous western resorts that surely gathers many hot singles available for the full hookups. The resort pickuping strategies differ a lot from common ones though.

Relaxed attitude

One shall be quite pushy while seducing a hottie in a big city, but not on a resort like Miami. All the atmosphere around is super relaxing, and so is the people’s mood. One needs to be milder.

Less kinks, more fun

The dark gothic BDSM subculture and similar ones are rather typical for the northern cities where life is boring otherwise. Classic hookup in Maiami right now. In Miami, be open-minded yet classical in pickup, dance and

flirt instead.

Make things clear

Girls want to avoid the fraudulent personals no less than you do, while it’s a typical problem of a resort place. Be clear about everything from the beginning: your intentions, offers, sexual orientation.

Generosity matters

Both local Miami girls and female guests of the resort love luxury life. So, unless you’re a toyboy yourself, prepare to be a sugar daddy or at least sponsor their going out, meals and drinks.




  1. Men will typically initiate texting conversations in the early stages of dating and immediately after a date.

  2. If you’ve gone out and spent quality time with him, you can text him to thank him for the date.

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