9 Things People Have Wrong About Latin America

latin american womenLatin America is without a doubt one of the most amazing places on the planet. The sun is always smiling, the attractions are never-ending, and the food will truly change your life. However, none of these are the best part of Latin America. It is the people.

With the diverse culture, exotic looks and all-around fantastic personalities, you won’t want to leave. It is no wonder that Latino women and men are so popular on online dating sites.

If you are one of the many holding a flag up for Latino singles, there is a lot you need to know about the country. The chances are that your knowledge is limited to what you see on soap operas and the numerous misconceptions and stereotypes out there. This is especially the case if you have never visited the region and are only interacting with Latin singles on AmoLatina.com.

Here are nine such myths and misconceptions debunked in detail, so you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

1. All Latino women are feisty and hot-headed
This is one of the oldest fairytales in the book. Truth be told, Latino women can be pretty outspoken and strong-willed, which is intimidating to most men. However, not all of them are unreasonable hot-heads.
If, on the off chance, this feisty character is exactly what you are looking for then you are in luck. Although not all of them are Sassy Sallies, a good number are!

2. All Latino men are macho beasts
Men are not spared the stereotype train either. There is this misconception that they are all tight-pants-wearing bar-brawling macho men constantly thirsty to prove their manliness. Again, this is common, but it does not in any way apply to all Latin men.

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3. Everyone speaks Spanish
The majority of Latin America speaks Spanish. However, there are numerous other languages including Dutch, Portuguese and other local dialects.

So, don’t be surprised if you chat with someone on AmoLatina and they get offended when you hit them with the little Spanish you know assuming they understand you.

4. There is only one culture in the region
No; Latino is not a single culture. It consists of numerous individual and unique cultures scattered all over the region. This diversity is what makes it even more interesting.

5. There is only one race in the region
Latin America is a mixed pot of races. Latinos are the majority, but there are others including Caucasians, Asians, and Africans. There is also a lot of intermarriage between the existing races giving rise to new unique and equally exotic aesthetics in the region. So if you are looking for love here, do not do it with a closed mind. There is so much physical variety you would be giving yourself a bad deal by not opening up to different people.

6. The weather is unbearably hot and humid
Well, this one is not entirely untrue. Most of Latin America falls within the tropics. This means that more often than not it is hot throughout the year. So, if you do not like getting sunburns and sweat stains, you might have a problem. When the weather is not trying to melt the flesh off your bones, you have rain and humidity to deal with. In a nutshell, the weather is… well, an acquired taste.

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7. Poverty and crime are the norm
General mass media is to blame for this misconception. Most news bites and documentaries about the region predominantly focus on slums and crime stories. After all, these are the most interesting stories to tell, right?
Despite all you have been bombarded with, there is so much more to Latin America than this. There is amazing infrastructure, high-tech amenities, numerous safe settlements and a lot of other good stuff.

8. Tacos all day every day
No; Latinos do not live on tacos alone. The region is, in fact, one of the most diverse in terms of culinary creations. This is one of those misconceptions that is better debunked in practice. And I can assure you that you are in for a treat.

9. Everyone can dance
This is simply an undeniable fact. I have no idea how it landed on this list. If you are planning a visit to Latin America, you better pack a pair of dancing shoes.

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