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About Dating-online-made-easy

Some dating blogs provide a basic information about girls of a certain nationality, but we go deeper and cover all popular categories of singles, and all possible topics on travel dating.
For men who are keen on Asian women type, we explain the differences between Filipina, Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, Singaporean girls, since they aren’t totally similar.

If you are fond of Russian beauty, it isn’t obligatory to travel to Russia only. Gorgeous Slavic women live in many countries of Eastern Europe, and represent different characteristics.
Sexy Latina girls are a legend of desire for someone who is tired of local dating, but it’s crucial to be aware of their way of thinking, values, traditions, in order to seduce them easier.
Good dating blogs are never focused on hookups only. We provide detailed and qualitative tips on establishing a long-term relationship, cementing it with care and understanding, proposing to a girl.

Knowledge is precious in all life situations, especially if it’s given by relationship therapists interested in people’s happiness and raising of their awareness because they went through the same.
Answering frequent questions, booking advice when it’s necessary, useful links to dating sites, and detailed reviews on them are a part of what we do, as a contribution to your success.

Top sites and apps for dating online

#1 Behappy2day

Gorgeous femalesenter now

International dating and marriages are already well-explored by many, but the proper quality of girls remains the most important requirement. This dating site fulfils anyone’s high demands.
Gorgeous females with model parameters and good values are gathered in its member base so one can be sure he’ll meet exactly the person he dreamed about. The assortment is very big, too.

#2 Cuteonly

single girls online

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Beauty that is considered most exotic and desirable, is a normal everyday thing here. It’s hard to choose when all single girls online are equally seductive and their attitude is so sweet and genuine.
Yet, it’s all real, and stunning graceful singles are waiting for their special person, to join them for one night stand or for the lifetime. Who could resist looking into their mesmerizing eyes?

#3 Russianbridesearch

best brides and lovers

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Love and passion are needed by everyone, but only the brightest women, honest and sensual can make a man truly happy. This great dating site verifies all profiles and makes sure girls are real.
Their personalities are described in detail and their messages are substantial, so one can choose out from the best brides and lovers specially checked by dating experts and administrators.

#4 Elove-matchmaking

International dating is easy

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Single girls worldwide are interested to meet a serious western man having big plans for their future: a happy family, lots of lovemaking, and travelling together. Do your interests match?
International dating is easy if to know how to manage your trips, and how to treat a girl of an exotic origin. Meet these hotties as quickly as you like, and choose the sexiest ones for you.

#5 LoveMe

amazing girls online

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Interested in foreign beauties? It makes sense to combine dating and travelling, so this site is very helpful. Thousands of amazing girls can’t wait to meet a western boyfriend for lasting romance.
Thoroughly checked profiles, an informative dating blog, and budget-saving extra services may help you to organize the best trip and make it unforgettable. Set up your romantic getaway!

Facts about online dating and relationships date advice

Girls of different ethnicities are to be dated differently, but there are also common qualities that unite all single women. For example, their hope for a prince charming, and a certain support.
Asian women, in particular, are raised in the society where a man is an absolute head of the family. Although they’re strong personalities too, when needed, they rely on a man a lot.

So, if a man wants to save his funds and date cheaply, it makes sense to him to travel either to poor Asian countries like the Philippines, or countries where women are self-efficient like Singapore.
Eastern Europe offers even bigger opportunities for cheap dating online and offline. Many sites with hot girls are free, low-cost airline tickets are available, and prices for living there are low too.

Asian women online

For instance, Ukraine and Moldova remain the most inexpensive countries in all Eastern Europe. The further from the capital cities you go, the less you pay, both for accommodations and for food.
Like in the rest of the world, women from provinces are less demanding and can be happy with very simple things. While urban girls are refined, classy, educated, have a class and chic about them.

How to succeed in dating online?

Online dating differs a lot from meetings offline, psychologists warn. Nor we or our penpals are getting a complete emotional satisfaction from the process, because the real touch matters more.
Some singles are trying to compensate that with endless chatting, or making their erotic fantasies so wild it makes the meeting in real pretty awkward after. Better to keep the balance and remain yourself.

It’s wise to save on chatting and spend these funds on a ticket instead, since nothing can replace the romance in person. Even the most modest and cheap time spending gives you the feeling of love.
Walks together, admiring the sceneries and landscapes of the city, taking memorable photos, making nice plans for future cements the relationship in the most reliable way, if that is what you want.

meeting in real life

A good reasonable woman shall always suggest exactly such options, efficient and budget-saving. It’s a great bonus to her sexiness and model appearance, as well as inner qualities and kindness.
Otherwise, even during short chats, pay enough attention to your mate’s daily life and family events. Make sure you congratulate her with holidays, ask about her folks’ well-being, and flatter her.

Questions and answers

How do I know a girl isn’t fraudulent?
It’s easy to analyze all her messages and see whether she’s interested in your life.

How to detect real photos?
Real photos aren’t severely edited, there are elements of a girl’s daily life.

How to visit a girl cheaply?
Buy the tickets in advance at low prices, rent small hostel rooms.

How to go out with a girl cheaply?
Study the three-star places beforehand, or just walk with a girl.

How to hookup a girl on the 1st date?
Usually, it’s a matter of her profit or your charm, or both. 

How to avoid complications from local men?
Very often, they don’t mind at all, just make sure a girl is really single.

What to do if she wants to go shopping?
If you aren’t in the mood to spend, join her politely, and mildly criticize all the items she chooses.

What does it mean is she wants to pay herself?
It means she either liked you lots or she just tests your generosity.

What are good first date questions?

• What should I know about you before we get serious?
• What are the disadvantages you can’t stand in a man?
• Give me an example of your problem resolution skills?
• What do you demand from your future man and from yourself?
• Do you like challenges, risk, and adventure?
• Do you need a lot of trust before you touch a person?
• How did your parents meet each other?
• Do you forget misunderstandings easily?
• Do you discuss your relationships with your family and friends?
• When you have a big amount of money, do you buy food or clothes?

ask a single girl online

What are good questions to ask a single girl online?

• What makes you feel happy or sad?
• How many pets and children would you like to have in your dream house?
• Would you prefer gardening or mountain climbing?
• Would you spend your vacation skiing or sunbathing?
• What is your most sensitive zone for kisses?
• Would you wear flirtatious home clothes for your partner?
• Do you prefer high heels or sportive shoes?
• What kind of work brings you pleasure?
• Are you introverted or extraverted with your man’s friends?
• Who is your closest friend and why?

What is the best online message and the real meeting phrase?

Many dating platforms make introductory letters or chat invites automatic. It means they just send nice-sounding patterns from your name and from the girls’ name. Convenient, but not too fair!
Choose dating sites where such patterns aren’t used, and create your own personal greeting to each girl you like. Mention in your profile that you’re expecting personalized letters as well.

The best if the ice-breakers are smileys, virtual gifts, adding to the favorites, while messages and invites can be composed by the user manually. You can have a dozen of short patterns on your laptop though.
It’s enough if you insert the country name to the typical greeting. For example: I’ve always wanted to visit … but only for a special and unique girl like you! Then insert Singapore or Ukraine.

meet a girl online

On another hand, when you meet a girl in real, patterns don’t work at all, since there’s empathy, intuition, body language, intonation, and mimics analyze. Try to use your imagination, and be sincere.
It always works perfectly when a man says something sweet like, I was terribly worrying to meet you for the first time, and now I’m so shy. It melts every girl’s heart, and the talk goes smooth.

Success stories about dating online

“I met Peter online and he invited me to see him immediately”, Kate says. “He worked in Georgia for a big project, and he’s from the US himself. We fell in love at the first day.
I can easily stay in Georgia without any visa, since I’m from Ukraine. So of course, I stayed with Peter and our togetherness is the most harmonious. We cannot imagine now that we would separate.
When he comes back to the US, we will start making papers for me so I will be able to join him there as well. I think, dating sites are opening great opportunities to singles from the whole world”.

“I went to see Mahalia in the Philippines after many months of chatting”, David shares. “I didn’t want to spend only one short weekend there, and tried to plan everything carefully.
I knew many western men move there for good, and Mahalia seemed to be a perfect person to spend my last decades of life with. She appeared even better in person than she seemed online.
This happy and honest girl changed everything to the better. We bought a little house together, a garden, and a horse that we ride together. It’s the most romantic part of my life and I have no regrets”.

happy and honest girl

“I went to Russia with zero knowledge about women’s mentality or how to attract them”, Michael tells. “But once I arrived, I started to use Russian dating apps and sites intensively.
Soon, I made sure that many single girls of model-looking appearance are impatient to meet me. Maybe because I’m still youthful, in a good shape, and my intentions are all serious.
I had no less than ten real meetings already, and decided to keep on seeing one wonderful woman. She isn’t in hurry to get official and relocate to the US, so our plans match for now.
Even if I stay in Russia for a long while, she’ll host me in her big cottage and help me with my online business. I like Russian women for their flexible mind and readiness to compromise for their man”.